I love taking pictures of people. I think portraits can be difficult to shoot. But it helps to have gorgeous models, like Ana here!


Benedicte’s PR Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio.

Let me show you a few things that I have made.


Skin Therapist Ana Medak

Ana and I started working together in January 2017, to increase the engagement on her social media.

Notting-Hill based skin therapist Ana Medak wanted to increase the number of followers on her Instagram. But not just that, she wanted her new followers to be potential clients: West-Londoners looking for facials, waxing and massage.

Key ingredients for her posts are: humour, girly, tempting and everyday is a celebration.

Her favorite colors are pink and green – therefore, I made an appropriate color palette and started playing around. As well as using pretty colour palettes available on designer software, we did a photo shoot at her beauty room at SK Hair and beauty, to really capture the desired relaxing and therapeutic feeling. See her Instagram-account here

These Instagram-images will also be used on her new corporate Facebook-page: